How To Heat A Finished Basement

How to Heat and Cool your Basement If each foot of electric baseboard can produce 250 watts of heat (check with the manufacturer as this number can vary), you’ll need 12 feet of electric baseboard (3000 Watts divided by 250 Watts) to heat the finished portion of the basement. You may split the 12 foot of electric baseboard into two 6-foot…

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“Obviously if you have a finished basement space, it’s important to protect that investment … pull back any carpet and cut the wet parts from the carpet pad. Crank the heat to get air circulating …

Q: How should I heat the basement I’m finishing? I was thinking of electric baseboard heaters because they’re cheap, but will they make the space comfortable? A: Technically speaking, the cost of each …

Whether you’re looking to safeguard storage items from chilly winter temperatures or keep a finished basement toasty, here’s what you need to know about basement heating.

Heat usually rises which must draw a cold air. Naturally, the basement heat is drawn into the upper levels, leaving basement even colder. How to heat a basement efficiently. There are several factors to consider while heating efficiently.

This type of heating system is either electric or gas induced. These systems “push” heated moving air into the finished basement through wall and ceiling “feed” registers. The system also “returns” the air volume back to the furnace where the air is filtered before it once again sent back to the finished living area.

A basement that is pleasantly cool in the summer can become unbearably cold in winter, frustrating your desire to turn it into new living or utility space. On the face of it, the answer is as simple: …

The best, most economical means of adding heat to a basement is to extend or modify the HVAC system already supplying heat to the rest of your home. An HVAC contractor can do this work fairly efficiently while remodeling is in progress, but it will cost more to make these changes in a basement that is already finished.

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