Furnace Short Cycling Thermostat

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Why does the gas furnace short cycle Turn off your furnace, unscrew the panel and insert a new filter. Most of the time, this is the easy answer to your short-cycling problem. 2. thermostat issues. If you’ve eliminated a dirty air filter as the cause, the next most likely culprit for short-cycling is your thermostat.

Furnace Short Cycling with Nest Thermostat Two nights ago my furnace began short cycling. Short cycling is when the furnace will kick on for a few seconds, then shut off for a few seconds, then back on, then back off, repeat indefinitely.

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Posted December 30th, 2010 by admin & filed under Air Conditioning, Heating.. Short Cycling. As the temperature of you your home changes, the thermostat operates the furnace and air conditioning system to bring the home to a desired room temperature, this is known as a furnace cycle.

The hot-air duct being routed into the return air side of the furnace seems suspicious at first glance, but it shouldn’t directly account for any unusual wear on the furnace. It may have a small part …

Short cycling that happens as soon as the furnace is installed may be caused by the furnace itself rather than a problem with the furnace. That is, the furnace may be too big or too strong for the space in which you’ve installed it.

… by the thermostat mounted inside the furnace is designed to prevent this, and will shut off gas to the burners if the thermostat in the plenum reaches its preset limit. In this "failure" or "short …


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